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Feeder paper feeding 

  • Precision feed head that adopts European manufacturing technology, can be used for card paper & corrugated board
  • Four suction and four sent, the suction angle and height can be adjusted according to the deformation of paper
  • Unique paper receiving mechanism, suitable for different deformed papers 
  • High-speed feed head is specially manufactured for special aluminum alloy material, and all parts are imported 
  • Dual-feed head anti-collision detection device
  • Main and auxiliary paper feeding, can switch without stopping the machine 
  • A set of pre-feeding mechanism (optional) 
  • Fish scale type paper feeding, smooth and accurate 
  • Micro-adjusting mechanism for paper feeding platform, can be adjusted without stopping the machine 
  • Two-purpose paper feeding machine 
  • A set of auxiliary paper support device and two sets of paper supporting board

Die cutting Section 

  • Pressure-containing adopts high-strength nodular cast iron-QT500 and special casting process
  • Super wear-resistant worm and gear
  • Knife template turnover device that is convenient and fast
  • Strong oil supply lubrication system
  • Imported intermittent box with torque limit & limit cutting protector
  • High-precision 240-degree intermittent mechanism
  • Pneumatic locking device
  • High-speed rotary joint
  • Automatically adjust the pressure, when the maximum pressure reached 300t.
  • Die cutting plate frame, adopting central positioning system
  • 10.4-inch colour screen, displaying the working state of machine

Manual paper feeding

  • Front conveyor mechanism, can be used for card paper, corrugated paper and grey board
  • All parts are imported
  • Fish scale type paper feeding, smooth and accurate
  • Micro-adjustment mechanism for paper feeding platform
  • With monitoring video device, can display the operation condition of paper collection part
  • Via secondary positioning, to ensure die cutting accuracy

Stripping Section 

  • Adopt upper and lower dual-frame stripping mechanism.
  • Adopt male/female template to realize various stripping
  • Adopt central positioning device that matches with the die cutting part to reduce plate replacing time

Gripper Section  

  • High-quality teeth slice guarantees the speed of conveying paper, and strong wear-resistance.
  • 5 sets of Super hardness and high strength titanium-aluminum alloy teeth rows
  • England imported RENOLD chain
  • High-quality chain through pre-tensioning to guarantees long-term stable operation


  • MHC-1100EC    - Semi Auto - With Stripping Section (FC1737)

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