FC1790 - Transpak







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High Speed Corrugated Strapper with Integrated Squaring System.

Motorized squaring and backstop devices provide precise bundle handling and positioning for forming perfect bundles.

It can meet the speed requirement of the fastest Flexo Folder Gluer and Casemaker.

Compact and Robust Strapping head:

  • DC brushless motor direct drive technology
  • Highest level of accuracy
  • Fewer moving parts requiring fewer adjustments therefore less maintenance

3-Side Squaring Bundle Control:

  • Independent control system improves squaring performance over a wider range of bundle sizes

Automatic Bundle Size Setup System:

  • Automatic setting mode means the bundle size set up can be done in 15 seconds
  • Minimizes costly downtime

Motorized Full-width Press:

  • Highest reliability and stability of the movement
  • Easy adjustments for different press position to optimize strapping speed

Siemens PLC Control and HMI (Touch Panel):

  • Easy adjustments
  • Troubleshooting guides

Good for Small Bundles:

  • Round belts added on rollers help to move small bundles across strapping position smoothly
  • Minimum bundle size of width 200mm (8”) x length 250mm (10”)

Free Access to Strapping Guides (patents registered):

  • Enables free and quick access to strap guides

Hinged Roller Table:

  • Easy and effortless to open the table top for cleaning and maintenance
  • Ergonomic design

Technical Data:

  • Arch size: 650mm (W) x 450mm (H)
  • Capacity: Up to 24 bundles per minute
  • Strap Width: 5mm, 6mm or 9mm PP strap
  • Strap Tension: 1-32kg
  • Electrical Requirements: 220V, 380V, 400V, 415V 50/60Hz 3PH


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8 to 10 weeks after payment