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TP-713H – Castor II



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Fully-Auto Pallet Strapping Machine for Horizontal Strapping

It is easy to integrate TP-713H into the new or existing production lines. With the user friendly and state-of-the-art design, Castor ll, TP-713H helps

maximize uptime for greater production efficiency and lower packaging cost

Main Features

  • The TP-703-SH is a high engineering standard strapping head. It has extremely reliable robust mechanism design and comes with a variety of features that makes it simple to operate and easy to maintain.

PLC Control & HMI

  • The PLC control and HMI (touch panel) provide easy adjustments, operating instructions, and troubleshooting guides. Easy TEACH-IN programming. User friendly. 
  • It can store 10 strapping patterns and each pattern is with up to 10 different strapping positons. There is no need to adjust the setting when changing to different package sizes. Reduce downtime and save cost. 

Index Strapping Head

  • During the strapping cycle, the strapping head moves automatically towards the package with stroke up to 300 mm. Thus, strap can be highly tensioned. 

More Features

Friction Weld Sealing Technology

  • Guarantee reliable joint and high sealing efficiency, tension up to 3000 N (300 kg). No fumes and odours.

Adjustable Sealing and Cooling Time

  • The sealing time and cooling time are adjustable. Guarantee high sealing efficiency.

Stable Arch Movement

  • Vertical arch movement with inverter to avoid vibrations.

Reinforced Dual-Track-Pillar System

  • Robust construction provides the highest reliability and ensures the highest safety to the frequently moved strapping head.

Strap Guide Arm

  • To ensure precise strap position to the load. 

Safety Rack

  • Underneath the arch to ensure the highest safety.

Optional Extras

  • Floating Head
  • Equalize strap tension force around the package to increase the
  • holding force.
  • Free standing operation desk
  • Siemens PLC & HMI
  • Failure indicator
  • HMI on the opposite side
  • Lower tension 200 - 1200 N (20 - 120 kg)
  • Light tree alarm with low strap sensor (triple   lamp)
  • Strap dispenser 90-degree turn
  • Different arch sizes available


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8 to 10 weeks after payment